DynAccess Ltd. is an adaptive ski equipment (monoski/sit ski) company based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The DynAccess Team designs and builds state-of-the-art, semi-custom monoskis called the DynAccess Hydra, Tensor, Torque 1&2.  

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U.S. Paralympian Tyler Walker
Photo by: Kusumoto Photography


Trevor Kennison:
Photo by: The National Ability Center

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Ravi Drugan
Photo by: Asa Silver

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Arly Velasquez, Mexican Paralympian
Photo by: Baruni Maceda

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Tyler Walker Silver in SL_Kusumoto
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Upcoming Tours and Demos

If you are interested in demoing our monoski, please check our demo/travel schedules on our Facebook page, or contact us. We could arrange a demo or refer you to various adaptive programs where you can try our monoski.




Read what people have to say about our products

“What makes DynAccess different is their equipment is a combination of superior engineering, durability and parts, coupled with the best in customer service. It’s common to cut corners, but DynAccess does not cut corners. They have a company ethos of building better, safer equipment and they give us adaptive skiers a pretty good day on the slopes.

DynAccess’ attention to detail has raised the bar worldwide in the engineering of the monoski. DynAccess has introduced more precise techniques and engineering, and more precise bearings and suspension. It’s elevated us to finally achieve parity with able-bodied skiers.  Channy is the best customer service representative I’ve come across for any adaptive equipment I might need. DynAccess has elevated our sport to mainstream.”

“The team at Dynaccess and their equipment helped me achieve several Paralympic medals in the 2018 PyeongChang games. They allowed me to bring my skiing to the highest level possible. Their customer service and dedication to make their equipment work for everyone is second to none.”

“I have purchased two mind blowing mono-skis from DynAccess LTD. The Hydra’s geometry does the skiing for me. I tried all the others and I’m a better skier using this mono. The attention to detail in design, durability and function are phenomenal. I’ve ordered several DynAccess accessories too.

Anything I order is shipped promptly and on my doorstep within a few days. How many have two days skiing in with their mono-ski builders? You’ll be spoiled with top notch service and great high quality equipment!”

“The Hydra is fantastic and it’s movement so natural. I’ve taken it across several states and multiple countries under all kinds of conditions, both inbounds and backcountry,

But more importantly than the ski, the folks behind it are solid and wonderful. They seem to have a true passion for what they do, back their product, are always available when I have thoughts or questions to bounce off them.”

The Penske Shock’s suspension is outstanding, it really absorbs the bumps to keep the monoski grounded and the response is reliable. As everyone knows, when you change your monoski, it takes some time to find your “sweet spot”. I tried different set ups and when I found my sweet spot, I never felt so connect with my gear! I am stoked for the coming season to master riding on the Hydra!”


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