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Date:December 07, 2012

Unparalled Adjustability


The Pro Air Shock is a highly adjustable absorber that uses a dual chamber air spring and hydraulic damping.


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Spring rate (spring stiffness), ride height, and compression and rebound damping of the shock are infinitely and quickly adjusted by an air pump and easy-to-turn knobs. Unlike standard coil springs, air springs are progressive, eliminating harsh bottoming of the suspension. Within a few seconds, you can easily fine tune the shock’s spring rate and ride height using an air pump. This eliminates the need to change coil springs for different rides. Compression and rebound damping are controlled hydraulically by separate adjusters.

Advantages of adjustable shocks for adaptive programs:

The shock can be adjusted according to the weight of a skier. The ride height can be also adjusted for personal preference and comfort. With dual air chambers, spring rate and ride height can be changed independently, offering a more customized ride to the skier.

Advantages of adjustable shocks for individual skiers:

Not only can the shock be initially adjusted to your weight and ski preference, it can be changed infinitely as your technique develops and you progress to an intermediate/advanced monoskier. You also have the ability to explore different rides with different shock settings (such as a smooth ride in a cruiser or an exciting high speed ride in a sports car).

Advantages for all:

Our highly adjustable shock prevents shattering and other undesired motions experienced while using other monoskis. The shock is developed to smoothly absorb any kind of motion, ranging from high-speed turns on a smooth slope to icy bone-jarring crunches. The motion is even and predictable, keeping the ski on the snow and providing good grip and controlled turns. Just as the tires need to be in smooth contact with the asphalt of a race car.

For more details about shock adjustability, please refer to our shock manual.>