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Date:March 18, 2013

Lucian Smith

Owner of the DynAccess Tensor, Pennsylvania.


“I got to spend a little over a week at Steamboat Springs resort in CO this past week with my new DynAccess Tensor. At first like any significant change in a monoski, it took some getting used to, but the first things that were easy to notice were the smooth ride of the Penske dual-rate shock absorber and the drop in weight compared to my old rig. The higher seat height (which is adjustable) allowed me to drive the ski from edge to edge quicker and made for nice easy lift mounts.

I got to ski a wide variety of terrain and snow conditions. Outside of wanting a snowmobile on the flats, never had the Tensor feel “out of place”. It is not just a racing rig. We did a day of back-country skiing with a few jumps and drops and the Tensor responded perfectly with no excessive rebound. So no bouncing landings and hopping around in the powder on it is a dream.”

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