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Date:July 26, 2018


The “Hydra” is a new generation of high performance monoski with unique suspension kinematics.

The Hydra automatically moves the body of the monoskier as able-bodied skiers do in a turn: it applies pressure near the ski tip during turn initiation (necessary to start bending the ski to conform to the turn), then moves the skier backwards on the ski to center the pressure under the foot at the apex of the turn, and finally slightly towards the back to straighten out the ski and accelerates out of the turn.

This suspension kinematics in particular help those who have limited upper body abilities  to shift their weight and turn easily.

To the best of our knowledge the Hydra is the only monoski on the market that has such suspension kinematics. Further, better pressure distribution allows for better control. 

We have ensured that all positive features of previous models have carried through to this newest monoski.