DynAccess Ltd » Bryan M. McCormick

Date:April 10, 2014

Bryan M. McCormick

Monoskier, PA

“I was quite amazed and pleased that my 6’8″ frame could fit into the Torque, without any major modifications or customizations.”

I had a great experience and really appreciate it. As you may remember, I learned about your company from a fellow adaptive skier who recommended that the Torque may be a good fit for tall skiers. Even with that recommendation, I was quite amazed and pleased that my 6’8″ frame could fit into the Torque, without any major modifications or customizations. I must say that it took me a while to get comfortable with the ride height and forward position on the ski lift, but it wasn’t any different than getting used to a new car or bike. After I became comfortable with the forward position on the lift, I really enjoyed how easy it was to load and unload from the lift. Because the Torque sits forward on the chairlift, it makes it really easy to mount and dismount. And the ride height essentially obviates the need for a lift-assist option. I used my RPC the following day and found that it was very difficult to unload from the lift because it sits so far back. The Torque was much easier to unload, by far.


When I started demoing the Torque, the suspension was set to a “Goldie Locks” setting–not too soft, not too firm. And that setting gave me a good foundation from which to judge the other suspension settings. Prior to using the Torque, I never experimented with the suspension on my ski, but the Torque opened my eyes to the possibilities. I loved all the suspension settings and can see how they would be used in various ski conditions. The firm setting gave me a lot of control and was very responsive, whereas the softer setting absorbed the thick mounds of wet snow that had accumulated. I can see how the softer setting would work great for speed skiing, of which I am quite fond. I also liked that the suspension could be customized to my weight. Given that I am a tall athletic skier, I am a ponderous 215lbs, but the suspension was able to accommodate me without bottoming out or being overly soft.


I really like that the suspension on the Torque is predominately air and does not utilize a spring, which makes for easy adjustments and unlimited suspension settings. Having multiple chambers in the suspension was another nice feature, which helped to reduce vibrations from snow conditions while still enabling the suspension to remain stiff and responsive.


Overall, I think the Torque is an amazing ski that can work well for skiers of any height, weight, or ability level. Thank you for all of your effort that has been put toward advancing skiing for people with disabilities. It is people like you that enable our sport to continue to evolve. Well done.


Bryan M. McCormick, M.S., CRC

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

NSCIA Board Member

SCI Peer Mentor>