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Date:September 27, 2015

Arly Velasquez

Mexican Paralympic Alpine Skiing Team Athlete (UPDATED)

Hydra, the new era on monoskiing

Have you ever seen a car on the streets that you just can’t stop looking at?  That’s the Hydra. In other words, it is the best looking monoski in the world! I remember how excited I was when I received my Hydra with my bucket and footrest installed on it at Copper Mountain. Since I couldn’t wait till I could try it on the mountain, I tried it in the middle of my living room. My first impressions were that it was solid and a bit heavier than my Torque 1. Initially I was a little concerned that the weight might hinder my movement.

I got on the snow, and little by little, I started to understand the beast. I could feel the acceleration in every turn while remaining precise thanks to the very solid rig. I was very excited to start training on gates, which was the real test. Usually I tread careful with the ruts, but as it become harder and harder to avoid them, I stopped worrying them. Amazingly, I didn’t feel them! The Penske Shock’s suspension is outstanding, it really absorbs the bumps to keep the monoski grounded and the response is reliable. As everyone knows, when you change your monoski, it takes some time to find your “sweet spot”. I tried different set ups and when I found my sweet spot, I never felt so connect with my gear!

I am stoked for the coming season to master riding on the Hydra !

Arly Velasquez, Mexican Paralympic Alpine Skiing Athlete