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Measurements without snow ski:

Unloaded seat height (from ground to the bottom of the seat): 16″ (40 cm)-Tensor and Torque with the air shock, 7″~20″ Tensor with alternative shocks,

Shock Travel: Just over 5″ (10 cm)


Weight without seat assembly:

Torque 1  approx.     23 Lbs(10.55kg) ,  Without a foot rest , 20 Lbs 4 oz (9.2 kg)

Torque 2 approx.  26 Lbs (11.75 kg),  Without a foot rest 23 Lbs (10.4 kg)

Tensor approx. 23 1/4 Lbs (10.5 kg),  Without a foot rest 20.4 Lbs (9.25 kg)


Seat angle under thigh:

Torque 1 – 40o                Torque 2, Tensor, and Hydra – 28o           

A Wedge and custom brackets are available to change the seat angle.

Your package :

  • Monoski Frame (Torque 1, Torque 2, or Tensor)
  • Penske Racing Shock/Custom Axis Pro-Air or Coil-over  Monoski shock absorber
  • Thermo-formed bucket seat with foam pads
  • Adjustable chest, lap, and thigh straps (M2 ratchet binding is used for a thigh belt)
  • Adjustable foot rest (wide or narrow )
  • Evacuation straps
  • 325 mm foot piece



  • Hydraulic lock out mechanism to get easier on chair lifts
  • Triple Adjustable Penske Racing Shocks (1 rebound, 2 high/low speed compression damping adjustment)
  • Penske Custom Monoski Coil-over shock (only for the Tensor monoski), single spring rate or dual spring rate
  • Seat: apart from DynAccess’ seat,  Aspen Seating ski shells can be mounted on a DynAccess monoski
  • Head FreeFlex EVO Bindings and DynAccess Binding Blocking Set for Head bindings
  • Enabling Technologies’ Outrigger “Superlite”
  • 300 mm foot piece