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One-piece thermo-formed plastic seats are our standard and are available in two sizes: 15″ ( 38 cm) and 17″ (43 cm) wide. They are made with high backs, allowing easier height adjustment should your seat need to be trimmed. DynAccess will trim and equip a seat with handles, a ratchet thigh strap (M2), chest belt and lap belt, red evacuation straps, and a carabiner.  Two-piece bucket seats made by Aspen Seating/Ride Designs can be also mounted on DynAccess monoskis and are available in many sizes.>

As an upgrade seat option, a custom-insert, seat, and/or  leg cover can be ordered through Ride Designs/Aspen Seating    

A carbon fiber seat is available as a special order.  Please contact us for more information.