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Service and Maintenance

DynAccess strongly recommends having the monoski professionally serviced once a year, as well as after any hard impact or other issue.

We can check the complete monoski, replace worn hardware (bearings, rod ends, nuts and bolts, etc), repair any damage, service the shock, and if desired strip the monoski and power coat it with the same or a different (custom) color.

Professional shock service includes disassembling the shock, cleaning and checking all parts, replacing ice scrapers, seals, O-rings, worn valves, etc., re-assembling the shock, filling new oil and vacuum degassing it. If desired the shock can be re-valved (for example, if you’re skiing with the rebound almost all the way in, then the shock can be re-valved such that your desired setting is near the middle of the range of the rebound adjuster).

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