Mike Noyes - "I just can't believe how well balanced it is!"

I had the pleasure to ski on this sit-ski (Torque) a few weeks ago at Sunday River Ski Resort in Maine. I’ve been sit-skiing for 8 years now mostly on a Revolution Sit-Ski and am a T11 complete para. I just can’t believe how well balanced it is and how effortless it comes off the chairlift! Also, I pushed it to the limit on bumps and turns, it was so responsive and smooth! We changed it’s settings from hard to soft and no matter what we dialed it in to for settings it was a beautiful ride each trip down the mountain!!! I can’t wait until next season and highly recommend the DynAccess to all Sit-Skiers!!
Mike Noyes, Monoski Instructor

Richard Peters - "Superior to anything I have had the experience to ride in."

You have created an nice piece of adaptive equipment. Clearly the flexibility of the suspension is by far superior to anything I have had the experience to ride in. The response of the fine tuning of the suspension can be felt immediately, run to run, and is of great benefit to skiers of all levels. We could take this equipment out with beginners, and it could grow with them to the highest level attainable in the competitive skiing world. Nicely done!
Richard Peters, 26 years of adaptive skiing experience

I was very impressed how responsive the Torque is. The suspension feels amazing…this mono turns on a dime. sitting high up and forward right over the sweet spot of the ski was great. I rolled it on edge to see how it carves. Well, like a dream. This is a great mountain ski for any skier, beginner to expert to pro. If you are a monoskier, you owe it to yourself to try this ski.
Tom Cannalonga, sitski.com

Tom Cannalonga - "This thing Rocks!"

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