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New Binding Blocking Set


A new monoski binding blocking set is available for Head and Fischer racing bindings!

The blocking set consists of a front binding, rear block and a pin. It is custom built for Head Freeflex Evo 20 X RD and Fischer RC 4 Z 20X Race Service Freeflex Bindings.

Photos shown are those of Head Freeflex Evo bindings, which also are available through DynAccess.

According to the RESNA standard, ski bindings for monoskis are not intended to release. The front plate prevents the toe binding from releasing under most circumstances and mounts under the binding. Professional mounting using longer bolts is recommended.

The rear block is CNC milled and made from material with high low-temperature ductility.

We still carry binding blocking sets for Marker Comp 20 and 30 bindings.

Prices for 2016/17  season:

Head binding blocking Set

  • Front Plate $63/piece
  • Rear Block $43/piece
  • Long Locking pin $4/piece
  • Set (Plate, Block, and Pin) $100 — $10 discount

Marker binding blocking Set

  • Front Plate $63/piece
  • Rear Block $40/piece
  • Plated Locking pin $4, Stainless Locking pin $7/piece,
  • Set (Plate, Block, and Pin) $97 or $100 — $10 discount

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