Aftermarket Monoski Shock for Nissin | DynAccess Ltd

Aftermarket Monoski Shock


DynAccess and  Penske Racing Shocks have developed a new aftermarket shock that fits Nissin monoskis.

Triple adjustable damping (rebound, high and low speed compression) and a large option for springs (liner, dual-rate, floating or adjustable crossover) are available.

Dual-rate spring setup with an adjustable floating cross-over:  It uses a 2.0″-2.25″ tender spring and a 6″ main spring. This allows for more adjustments in the spring, with a soft spring rate to handle micro-terrain when you go straight (makes in particular high-speed runs smoother) and a stiffer spring rate when you corner hard or land from jumps (less risk of bottoming out).

The cross-over (where the spring rate changes) is adjustable with simple tools.

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