Frame Options

DynAccess offers two frame options: Torque 1 and Torque 2.
Torque 2 comes with a straight H-arm but includes a curved H-arm option.

The main difference between the two frames is the angle of the thighs of the skier.

The thigh angle of the Torque 1 is very steep (40 degree), which makes for a compact and lightweight sled, reduced moment of inertia which results in quicker turning, and a very firm seating position when tucked into the deep bucket.

The Torque 2 has a shallower angle (28 degree) which makes for a less aggressive seating position. You sit deeper on the chair lift.  The curved H-arm option exists for chair lifts with very thick chair pads.

Both the Torque 1 and Torque 2 are equipped with Penske Racing Shocks/Custom Axis Pro-Air Monoski Shocks, providing superb suspension movement.

Both models are well suited towards all skill levels, beginner to expert.

DynAccess Torque 1 and 2 come with a wide variety of color options. Here are some examples of our popular colors. Please feel free to contact us for more color options.