Monoski Torque

The Torque was designed by a team of engineers to be more durable, adjustable, and responsive than any other monoski on the market. Whether you want to cruise down the mountain or fly at Paralympic speeds, the Torque’s infinitely adjustable shock makes it the ideal monoski for a wide range of skill levels and body weights. DynAccess has brought a new kind of ride quality to the monoski market, and we are excited for you to discover the difference!


A New Kind of Ride Quality

Hydraulic Lock-Out for Easy Lift Ride

DynAccess has a pat.pend. system to hydraulically lock out the shock when getting on the chair lift. This mechanism is  available as a special order. You can lock your position by turning the red lock-out knob and get on the lift.  When you want to ski, turn the knob up. If you forget to turn the knob up, don’t worry. The pressure releases automatically when you jump off the lift. Compared to mechanical lock-out systems available on the market, our hydraulic system is more reliable. This lightweight system is fail-safe and not affected by snow and ice. A shock absorber without the lock-out mechanism is our standard. (The left red knob is for the lock-out and the right knob is for the compression damping adjustment)  

Penske Racing Shock

DynAccess partners with Penske Racing Shocks, one of the most technologically advanced racing shock manufacturers, to bring you a ski shock designed to give the ultimate customization to riding style and the condition of the ski slope. Simply put, this advanced Pro-Air shock technology makes the Torque ideal for beginner and expert skiers alike! The Penske Racing Shock for monoskis, available only through DynAccess, is a lightweight, progressive dual-stage air spring with infinitely adjustable spring rate and ride height and a hydraulic shock absorber with double/triple adjustable damping (compression and rebound). It is outfitted with a carbon fiber guard, ice scraper low-friction seals, and wipers for low breakaway force.    

Thermo-Formed Bucket Seat

Our standard seat is a high-ductility bucket, thermo-formed over a CNC machined mold. It comes complete with seat belts and evacuation straps. DynAccess will assist if you wish to mount your favorite seat on a DynAccess Torque. Carbon fiber bucket seats will be available soon!

Top Quality Hardware

The top quality hardware and the strong design minimize your maintenance needs. The frame, suspension links, and “boot” tower are all made of aircraft grade chromoly, TIG welded by licensed aircraft welders. The high-strength and super-stiff rear suspension link pivots around two large-diameter precision- ground stainless shafts that ride in high-pressure Frelon bearings. The four rod ends are made of 440C and 17-4PH high-strength stainless steel. All bolts, nuts, and washers are stainless.

Extra Strong Design

The frame, suspension link, and “boot” tower are thin-walled closed-section chromoly members, which make them very stiff and strong. The high stiffness leads to significantly better rider control and a much crisper feel on the ski slopes. When the seat turns, then so does the ski; there is much less flex than in competing monoskis.

Stable Evacuation System

DynAccess Torque is equipped with evacuation straps. Our monoski was selected by Greek Peak Adaptive Snowsports for their yearly evacuation demonstration in October 2011. Our monoski was very stable and securely suspended by the evacuation straps.